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When Is a Commercial Landscape Renovation Necessary?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Every business owner who maintains a commercial space knows that it is essential to keep customers interested. This could be done by regularly updating a business property’s commercial landscape.

Commercial landscaping improves the appearance of your property. As such, you must also know when to update and renovate your commercial space.

Read on to learn when commercial landscape renovation is necessary.

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When You Are Ready to Sell

You want your commercial real estate to stand out when you're selling it. Improve your room by decorating it in the spring or fall.

Even if the property is not listed, you must find new clients or tenants. After all, apartment buildings are now attracting renters with amenities. Without these advantages, your building might remain vacant, and your chances to compete with other apartment buildings are low. A landscape makeover can entice tourists, tenants, and customers.

This permits you to start these projects in the summer. Over the winter, discuss your goals with a landscape designer. You can collaborate to create a landscape that attracts customers.

When You Are Ready to Refresh Your Garden

Landscaping your property is an excellent way to modernize your business. For example, overgrown plants and trees that endanger pedestrians should be removed.

Mass plantings were prevalent a few decades ago, but they now appear archaic. Hawthorns and junipers can help a house age. To modernize, use columnar shrubs and trees. River rock can be used to modernize your landscape design. Contemporary landscape architects emphasize sustainability and xeric characteristics to conserve water and help the environment.

For aesthetic reasons, several commercial lawn care companies select multi-blooming plants and shrubs. Prepare your outside upgrades ahead of time. You can apply these components lightly during ideal planting weather.

When You Are Ready to Improve Critical Areas

If you can't afford a full redesign, concentrate your efforts on the most crucial areas. Concentrate on creating walkways and the entrance to your property. The parking places in the lot of your building should be analyzed. Renovate areas where individuals spend their time.

You want repeat customers, so include flowers and other cheerful touches. Plan your commercial landscape improvement beyond trees and plants. These cutting-edge landscape features are sure to impress your clients.

These factors can help building owners attract new and repeat customers. Restaurant operators should use landscaping to relax their customers. Include outdoor fire pits, seats, and dog parks in your rental home. The construction climate should allow these large projects to be completed.

When You Want to Keep Your Staff Happy and Motivated

Improving your property will help you keep your tenants. Nobody wants to work in a drab, unwelcoming setting. You may even increase employee productivity by improving your environment.

Create a landscape that complements your company's brand and message. Landscape renovations could be simple. Focus on a few techniques to improve employee satisfaction and property curb appeal.


Indeed, renovations to any property are worth investing in. While many people do this for their homes, businesses in Philadelphia’s Main Line should also pride themselves on being able to present a beautiful outdoor space. After all, landscaping renovations will benefit your property the most.

Thankfully, projects like these do not have to fly solo. For this, you must work with professionals who can design and breathe life into your remodeling ideas.

Are you looking for landscapers in Philadelphia's Main Line? VIP Landscaping LLC offers premium services by a team of experienced and professional landscapers. Contact us today!


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