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Commercial Projects and Government Contracts

VIP Landscaping has consistently delivered high-quality landscaping and snow plowing services on government contracts, demonstrating strong adherence to timelines, effective financial management, and high stakeholder satisfaction. By focusing on continuous improvement and innovation, the company undeniably maintains its leading position in the industry and pledges to continue making positive contributions to public spaces and government projects.


Independence Hall: 18th Century Garden Proposal

Work areas included the removal of old and preexisting cedar edging as well as, the installation of new Western red cedar lumber edging. The project also involved the removal of previously planted barberry shrubs, replacing them with new boxwoods and 'Red Beauty' holly, and finally replenishing the area with clean topsoil and a compost fertilizer mix.

Valley Forge National Park

The snow plowing operations at Valley Forge National Park ensure that the park remains accessible and safe for all users during the winter months. Our duties include ensuring primary roadways within the park remain accessible for visitors and staff, plowing and maintaining parking areas to facilitate safe vehicle movement, in addition to clearing pathways and trails for safe pedestrian access.

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